Melissa Viviane Jefferson

Melissa Viviane Jefferson aka Lizzo Photoshoot

Melissa Viviane Jefferson – Lizzo Photoshoot
Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known professionally as Lizzo, is an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. She was born on born April 27, 1988, in Detroit, Michigan. She moved to Houston, where she began performing and then returned to Minneapolis, where she started her career with a recording company. Before signing with Nice Life and Atlantic Records, she released two albums, “Lizzobangers” (2013) and “Big Grrrl Small World” (2015). In 2014 Time named her “Entertainer of the Year.” “Lizzo’s single “Coconut Butter” from “Coconut Oil” was released in 2016.

In 2019, she regained her fame. Her success came with the release of an album that made her one of the top five Billboard 200 ratings. The album issued two singles: “Juice” and “Tempo” (feat. Missy Elliott). The deluxe version of the album included Lizzo’s single “Truth Hurts” (2017), which became a viral hit. Around the same time, Lizzo was nominated for Best New Artist and received eight nominations for the 62nd Annual Grammy Award, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year and Recording of the Year. In addition to rap, Lizzo appeared as an actress in the animated movie “UglyDolls” (2019) and criminal comedy-drama “Hustlers” (2019). Lizzo recently appeared in the movie together with Jennifer Lopez, who had sexy performances in the film.

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